Hello vertigo sufferers, my name is Pavel Kotlykov. I am 28 year old civil engineer with passion to web programming.

Vertigotreatment.org is my personal internet project. Its main purpose is to give people valuable and relative information about vestibular disorders which have vertigo as a main symptom. Here you’ll find a lot about causes, symptoms,treatments of vertigo and other causes of dizziness.


I have had my vertigo for a while and I have learned how to live with it. It lasts for 3 years for now, and I’ve already started to look at it as a normal part of my life. Most of my days are going without head spinning and headaches, but every second day I have difficulties getting up in the morning because of it. There are some days when it bother me the entire day without any rest. But, I don’t even remember not having it anymore.

However, I have tried to use different medications, I’ve been to 3 different doctors in the past (all gave me treatment plans without success). I still do home exercises (which is pretty helpful actually) and bought digital products (PDF’s with the instructions how to cure your vertigo). To be honest, many of these methods have helped me a lot and I’m feeling much better than I used to 2-3 years ago, but the life without any signs of vertigo is something that I can only dream about.

What I wanted?

With that being said, I decided to create a place where people with the same problem can find any information about their suffer.

I wanted people to know that there are thousands with same issues.

I wanted people to know that there are lots of ways to live and treat vestibular disorders in their daily life.

And finally, I wanted people to have a place where they can talk with each other and share their feelings and experiences.