Home remedies for vertigo

At the best of times, vertigo is a debilitating illness that will make it difficult to carry on with a normal life. However, when ‘attack’ strikes, it makes it hard to do just about anything. That’s why it’s important to know about home remedies for vertigo.

Even lying down during an attack brings with it a whole set of problems.

Many people associate vertigo with a fear of heights or the dizzy feeling linked with looking down from a height. However, this is not correct. This is actually acrophobia.

The medical term ‘vertigo’ is linked with heights because the symptoms experienced by a sufferer are almost identical to the feeling experienced when one is high up.

In short, a vertigo sufferer will often feel:

  • Dizzy and off balance
  • Sick or nauseas
  • Lightheaded

While there are prescribed medical treatments for vertigo, having home remedies to lessen the effects of attacks is imperative. Ultimately, the right home remedies can make vertigo manageable, which will lessen its impact on your day to day life. In this guide, we will explore several home remedies for vertigo and look at how they can help you if you are suffering.


It might be one of the simplest home cures for vertigo, but ensuring you sleep the right number of hours is imperative. Studies have shown that those suffering from vertigo that do not get the correct number of hours sleep experience symptoms more often and more intensely.

If you are feeling dizzy or nauseous and you can lie down, try to have a nap. Every sufferer will tell you that it’s very hard to sleep with vertigo, especially during a bad patch. However, if you can, having a nap will most likely remove the immediate issues.

Alcohol Pads

According to many, alcohol pads when sniffed, can almost instantly remove the feeling of nausea. The pads, which are generally used to clean a potentially infected cut before it is covered, can be purchased from just about every pharmacy and even online.

A study conducted showed that 87 per cent of people that used this technique stopped feeling nauseas in less than five minutes. The scientific reason that sniffing these pads can help is because breathing works to reduce nausea as the vomiting centre of the brain is close to the respiratory centre.

Many vertigo sufferers swear by alcohol pads to remove or reduce feelings of nausea.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide, which is used in the treatment of blocked ears, or to remove earwax can also help sudden onset vertigo attacks.

Simply saturate the cotton bud with the hydrogen peroxide solution, lie on your side and drip it into your ear until it is full. Lay on your side for about 5 – 10 minutes or until the popping noise stops, drain the peroxide into the tissue and you should find that the feelings of vertigo have subsided.

Ginger Capsules

ginger_to_treatGinger has long been one of the most effective home remedies for vertigo. Chinese sailors many centuries ago used ginger to cure motion sickness. Furthermore, it is often recommended for nausea during pregnancy. Therefore, taking ginger capsules can alleviate the two main symptoms of vertigo.

Unfortunately, you will need to find the right dose of ginger capsules. Many people take 250 milligrams of ginger tables three times a day. In any case, you should never go over what your GP recommends, but some may need to take more than 750 mg a day. At the same time, others can get away with taking less.

The reason why getting the amount right is because when taken in large amounts can cause stomach upset, diarrhoea and heartburn.

Self care techniques

As well as the home remedies for vertigo that we have explored, it is important you ensure you follow these simple, but important points to ensure the effects of vertigo are limited:

  • Minimise your head movements – ensure you do not jolt your head sharply as this could cause an attack.
  • Fix your vision on one object – focusing on a single object will also minimise your head movements. Try not to read or play games during an attack as your eyes and head will move sporadically.
  • Relax – make sure you learn an effective breathing technique. As mentioned with the alcohol swabs controlling your breathing is important as it can minimise the effects of vertigo.
  • Get fresh air – if you can, open a window.


If you are suffering from feelings of dizziness, nausea/vomiting, light-headedness and loss of balance make sure you seek out professional medical diagnosis as soon as you can. While highly unlikely, the symptoms commonly associated with vertigo could be something much more serious.

Once diagnosed, steps can be taken to ensure your recovery is quick. Having this list of proven home cures for vertigo will help you to alleviate the symptoms thereby ensuring that the symptoms affect you as little as possible.

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