Meclizine has a variety of different names. Dramamine, Sea Legs, Postafen, Antivert, Bonine and Bonamine are all brand names for meclizine.

Meclizine is a type of drug. It is listed as an antihistamine and is used for a broad range of symptoms including motion sickness and nausea. Not all antihistamines can be used for this purpose. It was during initial trials that special properties within the compound were found and the drug has been used for this purpose since it was synthesized in the 50’s.

what is meclizine

Conditions that may be treated with Meclizine


There are many conditions that meclizine can help. Below are some specific issues helped by the drug. However the drug is sometimes taken in combination with others to treat a whole host of symptoms relating to one particular condition.

Extreme motion sickness –

The drug can be prescribed to help those who suffer from extreme episodes of motion sickness. In extreme cases sufferers can struggle to take any form of travel (specifically boat travel) due to extreme dizziness and vomiting when travelling. A patient would take the drug before travelling and expect symptoms to be greatly improved. As with all drugs the manufacturers instructions should always be followed.

Vertigo –

Vertigo is where a person experiences spinning dizziness. Often this can be an inner ear disturbance but sometimes patients can continue to experience the symptoms long term before a permanent solution is found. Your GP may prescribe you Meclizine in the meantime to try and help control the symptoms.

The way Meclizine works is by dulling down the sensitivity of the hairs within the inner ear. These hairs are usually responsible (in various ways) for the symptoms associated with vertigo and motion sickness. When these hairs are less excitable they become less likely to cause undesirable symptoms such as nausea.

Meclizine, like all medicines and drugs can have side effects. These are some of the possible side effects:

  • Dry Mouth – this is a common side effect of many medicines and is an irritating rather than life affecting symptom. You can alleviate the symptom by sucking sweets or ice.
  • Drowsiness – this can occur while taking meclizine and as a result it is not recommended the person taking the drug drinks alcohol. Drinking alcohol should not react negatively with the drug but may cause the drowsiness to become even more extreme. The person taking the medication should also avoid operating any heavy machinery during the course.
  • Dementia symptoms exacerbated – Meclizine can aggravate dementia symptoms by causing confusion. Your GP will consider this before prescribing the drug.
There are many more possible side effects to this drug which will be outlined in the leaflet that comes in the box with it. Although most people do not experience side effects you should always consult a medical expert if you experience any serious side effects whilst taking a course of meclizine.

These could be –

  • A rash
  • Trouble breathing
  • Seizures
  • Swelling (particularly in the throat or mouth)

If in doubt you should always consult an expert.

Meclizine could also have other uses as seen in the video on the following link –

In this video a doctor describes what is Meclizine, how Meclizine not only works for motion sickness and vertigo symptoms but could also potentially be used for medical emergencies such as heart attacks and strokes due to specific properties held by the antihistamine.

Sometimes people can find their lives completely changed by using Meclizine. Often people suffer from motion sickness and think their GP or practitioner will dismiss their symptoms. This is usually because motion sickness is considered a problem only children have and eventually grow out of. Meclizine can be a very effective treatment for those who struggle with specific types of travel. The people in the video (seen at the following link – ) are more than happy about Meclizine enabling them to travel on water!

If you have been prescribed Meclizine or want to know more about other users experiences there is lots of feedback at – where users describe their experiences and how Meclizine affected them.

If you have been prescribe the drug and feel you need further information on dosage or timing when to take the drugs you should consult a pharmacist who can fully advise you on how best to take the medicine.

Things to be aware of before taking Meclizine

You should let your doctor know if you are taking or regularly use anything else that can cause drowsiness including drugs and alcohol. You should also let your doctor know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as they can explain the full risks and benefits with you.

Your doctor should also be aware of any other drugs or medicines you are taking, specifically other antihistamines (even topical) which may interact with the drug negatively or affect its efficiency.